Bar products for making
perfect cocktails
  • Foaming agent for cocktails and molecular cuisine;
  • Consists of food additives registered in Codex Alimentarius;
  • Does NOT change color, taste or flavor of the cocktail;
  • Instant and stable result with sour and cocktails without fruit puree;
  • Low consumption: only 2 drops per cocktail (120 - 150 ml).
  • Consists only of food additives that have international registration in Codex Alimentarius;
  • Transparent viscous liquid with light yellow tone;
  • Does not add any side flavors to cocktail;
  • Does not change color of cocktail;
  • Decent volume of foam 2 drops, but only on low density cocktails (sours and transparent cocktails without fruit puree);
  • Has no analogues.
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