Bar products for making
perfect cocktails
  • Acid and salt blend - an alternative to lemon juice in beverages;
  • Creates a complex and balanced taste profile of your cocktail;
  • Maintains transparency of your beverage;
  • Cheaper than lemon juice;
  • Saves time - less then a minute is needed to prepare of one liter of working solution;
  • No preservatives are added to the product!
Advantages of SOUR DROPS®
  • Transparent liquid without color or flavor;
  • Ideal balance of acids and salts with a complex and voluminous taste;
  • SOUR DROPS® is supplied in a concentrated form and is ready to use as soon as diluted with water. All preparation prior to use takes less then a minute. Take a measuring cup of 1000 ml, add 100 ml of SOUR DROPS® concentrate, add 900 ml of water, stir well;
  • Always has a stable taste;
  • Shelf life of concentrate - 5 years;
  • Shelf life of diluted SOUR DROPS® – 7 days in a fridge;
  • One liter of SOUR DROPS® makes 10 liters of working solution (equivalent to lemon juice), that is enough to make over 400 cocktails;
  • Cost per cocktail - from 5,2 RUB (cheaper than lemon juice by at least 35%);
  • Allows to make transparent cocktails;
  • Unique product than has no analogues.
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